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How 3-Pack ECG Service Works


Take your ECG reading on KardiaMobile 6L, sit back, and relax


KardiaMobile 6L instantly sends all your ECGs to our expert team of physicians


Your treating physician gets notified of any abnormalities in real-time


Call Springer’s physicians & get a consultation on your ECG 24x7 *

The first artificial intelligence-enabled platform for you & your doctor
to monitor your family’s heart health, anytime anywhere

  • Maximize the potential of your KardiaMobile 6L

  • 24/7 ECG consultation by a team of expert doctors

  • Quick, convenient, affordable

  • Your data remains secure with you and your doctor

"When a KardiaPro patient calls with symptoms, I quickly pull up their chart and review their recordings to determine if they are in or out of rhythm. Most treatment decisions can then be handled over the phone without the need for ordering a monitor or an emergency room or office visit."

Dr. Sandeep Dewan

3-Pack ECG is powered by KardiaMobile 6L and backed by leading experts from Springer Health Systems

Springer Health Systems is Asia’s largest telemedicine company with over 500 ICU beds spread across 4 countries. Led by India’s best critical care physicians, Springer follows the latest telemedicine guidelines of the Medical Council of India to support the best patient care solutions.

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